Treatments For Men

Massage Treatments

Full Body Massage - £38.00 | 60 minutes

Back Massage - 30 minutes £25.00 | 45 minutes £30.00

body treatments 

Back Facial

A deeply cleansing steam and exfoliation will slough off dead skin cells and hydrate the back area. Your hardest parts to reach will be free from impurities and refreshed.

£25.00 | 30 minutes

Facial Treatments

Dermalogica ProSkin 30

A customised facial designed to get you maximum results in minimum time. Includes a cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extraction (as needed), masque, tone and moisturise.

£30.00 | 30 minutes

Microdermabrasion Facial

Diamond tip abrasion rejuvenates the skin reducing the appearance of imperfections, open pores and pigmentation. You will see a difference just after one treatment.

£30.00 | 30 minutes

Waxing Hair Removal

Eyebrow Tidy - £8.00

Mono Brow - £3.00

Half Arm Wax - £12.00

Full Arm Wax - £14.00

Chest Wax - £15.00

Back Wax - £15.00

Back and Chest Wax - £25.00

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tidy - £8.00

Mono Brow - £3.00

Eyelash Tint - £12.00

Eyebrow Tint - £6.00

Hands and Feet


Hands are soaked and exfoliated, nails are shaped and cuticles trimmed. The treatment is finished with a firm massage into the hands and lower arm.

£20.00 | 30 minutes


Feet are soaked, nails shaped and cuticles trimmed. After the callus is removed, the feet are exfoliated and the treatment is finished with a firm lower leg and foot massage.

£25.00 | 45 minutes

Reflexology Treatment

Pressure to reflex points on the feet. Helping to improve conditions such as digestive disorders, stress and anxiety, muscular and joint pain and sleep disorders.

£30.00 | 45 minutes